It is raining goodies and discounts this month of July here at Decorzone! Customer appreciation is essential to us and as a thank you, we giving out discounts

Q: What’s Deal of the Day about ?

A: It’s an initiative by your favorite zone to slash prices off selected items (could be anything at all ) EVERY WEDNESDAY for this month of July!!

Q: Who is eligible to enjoy the discounts?

A: Literally everyone

Q: Will we get to know the “Deals of the Day” before hand so we can prepare ?

A: Not at all!! We want this to be fun and exciting for everyone!! So you anticipate! We would however leave HINTS prior (Either through our Feed, our stories, our twitter, our Facebook ) All you have to do is stay active

Q: Is there a cap on the discount percentage?

A: Absolutely not! You’d be mind brown! Every deal though comes with its pricing.

Q: When does it start?

A: Every Wednesday this month of July !!

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